Turbocharger Cummins Genset
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10 Mar 2020
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Specification of Turbocharger Cummins Genset

To improve the performance of diesel engines one of them by using turbocharger. As one component of gasoline / diesel generator set which spare parts of Surabaya genset provide, in fact the working principle is quite simple, ie convert heat energy and exhaust gas pressure of combustion combustion engine into mechanical energy of spindle shaft for further use compress air entering into combustion chamber through intake manifold.

Based on the working principle CV. Dian Jaya as a provider of spare parts genset Surabaya provides turbocharger cummins which is composed of:

- Turbine: A mechanical component that serves to convert energy
the heat of the fluid passing through it becomes the mechanical energy of the turbine spindle.
- Compressor: Serves to change the mechanical energy of turbocharger shaft spin
into kinetic energy of air flow.
- Center Housing & Rotating Assembly (CHRA): Each turbine and
The compressor on the turbocharger is composed of the rotor part and the casing housing.
Both are on a single axis supported by a bearing system
(pads) in the middle between the turbine and the compressor. For needs
assembly, turbine casing and compressor united by a named system
Center Housing & Rotating Assembly (CHRA).
- Intercooler: It is a heat exchanger that generally uses
air atmosphere as a media cooler.
- Wastegates: Serves as a bypass valve to dispose of exhaust gas motor
burn on certain conditions to not get into the turbocharger turbine
but go straight to the exhaust.
- Blow-Off Valve: True is a pressure relief valve that works for
discharges compressed air into the atmosphere when air pressure comes out
turbocharger compressor is too big.
- Pipe line: Can be grouped into two parts, the hot channel and
cold channels. The pipes drain the exhaust from the combustion chamber to the sides
turbine inlet turbocharger, and dispose of turbine exhaust gas into the system
exhaust (exhaust). While the cold channel drains the atmospheric air
enter the compressor, pressurized air from the compressor outlet to the intercooler, as well
drain the pressurized cold air from the intercooler to the motor intake manifold

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