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Komatsu Forklift Parts Filter
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Specification of Komatsu Forklift Parts Filter

Mining and construction use modern equipment that incorporates advanced technology that requires superior filtration to maximize performance and reliability. We sell specially designed forklift spare parts to achieve superior protection and long maintenance. Forklift filters are used for heavy equipment used in the environment with extreme weather and contamination. Therefore, the components used are always at risk of negative impacts under extreme weather conditions and the sequence of contaminants in the form of dust and dirt.

A forklift is a heavy duty vehicle responsible for large and powerful load hauls, likely to be affected by pollution in the environment. So we sell forklift spare parts that can be made with reliable materials and high quality. The forklift filter consists of fibrous material, which removes solid particles, dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from air and fluids. If the contaminated air directly enters the combustion engine system, it affects the efficiency of the engine, puts the engine to a stop or damage.

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