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Specification of Filter Genset Caterpillar

CV. Dian Jaya selling spare parts generator genset filter. Gasoline / diesel engine is a machine with internal combustion system. The burning process requires fresh air rich in oxygen. The air is sucked in and filtered through the air filter (water filter), through the rubber hose and enter the engine combustion through the intake manifold. Filter as one component of gasoline / diesel genset, has the function of filtering the incoming air is cleaner and not contaminated. Furthermore, the air is mixed with fuel sprayed into small particles, and then burns and explodes, producing a motion that rotates the engine shaft.

Caterpillar genset filter is a caterpillar spare parts that is useful for filtering air. Dust particles in the air can cause a dirty combustion chamber, therefore must be filtered first. Air filter treatment should be done every 200 hours of operation. Caterpillar is one of the largest diesel engine companies in the world, with thousands of distributors spread across countries. CV. Dian Jaya sell genuine spare parts genset, quality with friendly price.

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